Highest Gallery with the most important collections that surpass 6 billion USD

Majestic Arts Gallery is a One-of-its-kind Initiative as It’s Launching the Highest Gallery in the World. The management of Majestic Arts has been dealing in Renaissance Arts, Medieval Arts, Western Arts, Modern Arts, Postmodern Arts, Indian Arts, and Islamic Arts around several countries, including Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, London, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, and UAE.... Read more

Best Art Authentication Services In Dubai

Majestic Art provides the best Authentication Services for works of art. It gives art authentication services to the museum, institutional, and private or individual to locally and internationally for the old and modern products in Dubai and worldwide. We also provide complete legal documents and verify art products in the art selling market. It prevents fake products or fake sellers.... Read more

How to buy art from a gallery?

If you don't know how to buy art from a gallery then you are at the right. Art is a talent that is the hidden excellence of every person. Most of the people did not realize it. All of those who know about their talent they express it on the canvas. They imagine and visually write different stories with the use of brush and colors. A painting that hanging on the wall in your home expresses the taste and creativity of an artist.... Read more

Functions of art galleries | What do art galleries do?

Art galleries put a lot of effort into branding artists at all stages of their careers to discover and develop new artists, promote their art, and sell their work. Gallery producers actively participate in creating artists 'styles by visiting artists' studios and providing advice. They inspire artists to think about their work and how they want to move forward.... Read more

Contemporary Art Gallery in Dubai for Art Lovers

The majestic arts gallery has always dedicated to promoting world-class contemporary art to global and regional audiences. The majestic art gallery has fulfilled its mission by organizing several innovative exhibitions that reflect current issues and practices.... Read more

What is an art gallery curator? What is the Role of the Curator?

In the art world, the name "curator" recognizes various artifacts, such as sculptures. Also, Art Gallery Curator is usually responsible for writing posters. Moreover, catalog articles and other materials to support art galleries.... Read more

The revival of Art Culture

The revival of Art Culture. Majestic arts represent you a contemporary art gallery opening soon, trying it’s best to preserve the celebrated art of different cultures. The gallery will exhibit a diversity of regional and international artists in a picturesque Vila.... Read more

Best art gallery in Dubai 2020

We believe that art is available to collectors, connoisseurs, businesses, and first-time buyers in search of diverse, affordable, and original artwork under our roof. The World Art gallery in Dubai offers an impressive collection.... Read more