Majestic Art provides the best Authentication Services for works of art. It gives art authentication services to the museum, institutional, and private or individual to locally and internationally for the old and modern products in Dubai and worldwide. We also provide complete legal documents and verify art products in the art selling market. It prevents fake products or fake sellers.

Art Authentication Services
We research, scrutinize, and analyze step by step all the process of art product made by an artist. Our art authentication includes the file of the artist, whether it belongs to an individual or organization.
1. Before entering the process, we check the client project is valuable or not before resolving any legal issue or conflict.
2. Comparison of work, whether it belongs to current or other time.
3. Comparison of previous work of artists.
4. Comparison of artwork among different artists.
5. Research and verify the historical documents in in-depth detail.
6. Reestablished history documents and issued assessments of current work.
7. Check the artwork of artists on a different level.
8. Must your signature in the art.
Majestic Art provides art authentication expert services, which are not just legal processes. It also investigates the artists along with artwork as planned. They use modern ad scientific methods to design projects from start to finish. It also monitors international market testing of products and gallery exhibitions.

Art Authentication Expert
We have art authentication experts investigate the artwork item confidentially from the artist or client. Using an academic research method in depth for product history, well-proven, and correctly art of work certification to view established in the international market. We provide the best attribution services for art in Dubai. Firstly, our qualified art authentication expert creates a report identifying and conforming art items like paintings or other art items, the anonymous artist, institute, workshop, or studio where the artwork originated. Secondly, collect the history of artists for qualified or not qualified. We qualified artists if found that.
• Check the art item is not a copy of other artists, dealerships, professors, or students or not for any publisher published in the newspaper.
• If the art can't make an artist and someone else has made it, he is declared an un-qualified artist.
• Check the art, which is made by the artist, is certify or not. If we found that an artist makes art items through research and does not belong to the art field, it declares the unqualified.

Expert Advice on Works of Art

For The art Buyer:
As an art buyer, you must be interested in artwork. Whenever you buy artwork, so you have to master the other arts made by the artist at the same time. It’s important to know right from wrong when buying art, whether if art is authentic or not. It would help if you were professional to analyze genuine or fake.
If you have a good knowledge of artwork, you will easily recognize authentic artwork. It is necessary to visit the art galleries and research them to get an accurate idea or information about the artwork. You also need to know how and why this is authentic art. In what ways is it now, and what is its identity?

For the Artist:
The artist needs to recognize his work truly. There are many ways to identify your artwork authentically. Issue an authentication certificate to ensure work so that no one doubts it. And no one will ask you if this is a real job or fake. You should keep good documentation of your artwork and maximize your work as much as possible. Publish your work and information on social apps and provide necessary information about you and mentioned institute or organization where you work on different stages in which certify you. Be sure to sign up for your artwork and prove it authentic in a fake repetition.

Importance of provenance:
Provenance is an essential part of the artwork. It describes the dimensions, history, and titles of the art, which increases its value and authentication to the art and makes it more desirable.

Reliable Dubai Attestation Services
Majestic art has a team of experts in Dubai to help you need. Our reliable services serve as a one-stop location to help you. You can bring your documents from all over the world to Dubai for attestation so that you can use them officially in the UAE. We make things easier for you. We declare un-qualified if we purchase art from other artists.
Recheck all the documents of art carefully that before finalizing for the market. Then we provide our art authentication services in a different era.

National and Global Art:
Dubai is also a recognized international city where two hundred countries, people come not only for jobs but also for the majority visit as tourists every year and show global culture. We also provide art galleries nationally and globally on different national and international festivals and visual arts.
Our consultant provides a full range of services to collect or that make enables us to achieve a new peak in the art market competitor.
Majestic art helps art collectors understand how to collect an authentic collection of artwork. It provides all kinds of authentic opinions about the artwork. It also helps the artist in every possible way.
What are the things to keep in mind when you were buying or selling artwork?
What will be the real identity of his artwork?
Why are you buying this?
Why artists sell you this art?
It provides authentic information about these questions. Thus, the majestic artwork industry offers a full range of art authentication services.
If you are interested in authentic and exclusive artwork, check out our designs and work on Majestic art.